Thank you for your visit and interest in my Voice Studio! 
             Pardon the dust... the site is still under a bit of construction, but the long awaited, updated site is finally here!

What is it that you love to sing, or want to learn how to sing?
    Musical theatre, Jazz, Opera, Pop, R & B, Classical, Blues, Rock, Karaoke, Country... etc, etc, etc?

  As I shamelessly state, throughout this website, whatever you want to sing, no mater the style, no matter your gender or voice type... I can help you.  What makes this possible is a phenomenal vocal technique, along with 33 years teaching experience and well over 40 years of personal performance experience.  The vocal "technique" I teach is the key that liberates and enables us to set up the right "vocal recipe," for any given style/genre.  Becasue of this, I feel that my Studio is rather unique, exciting and cutting edge... a studio for the 21st century singer. 

   My ultimate goal, for all, is to, “Set free the artist that is within.”  I know it is trendy to say that I teach a "holistic approach," but that is exactly what I do.  No matter what you struggle with, no matter what your current abilities are, beginner to professional, or what style of music you want to sing, I can help you get to where you need to go.  If you are willing to work at it, I am willing to help you.

 If you are visiting for the first time and would like to get more detailed information about me, or answers to questions about my studio,  please go to "Jay's Info" tab and the "Studio FAQs" tab.  

Thank you!