Ellen Faull

Because of the profound impact that Ellen had on my life, as a singer, as a teacher and personally, it is necessary and fitting to honor her, here.  The purpose of this webpage is to help my singers have a greater understanding and appreciation of their "Vocal Grandmother," Ellen Faull.  Every week, for fourteen years, pretty much the first thing she would ask was, "how are the grandkids?"  As I look back, what an amazing thing it was to have been able to discuss with her the "issues/problems" my singers were having... and to glean from her great wealth of wisdom.  She also took great pride in their success, too... just as any grandmother would. 

As you read through this page's material, you will begin to gain an understanding as to what an incredible person she was and how lucky we have been to have had Ellen with us.  The day that she decided to move from New York City, to the Portland area, (Camas, WA), was the day that the NW singing culture was never going to be the same.  Since 1990, Ellen Faull's impact on singing in the Northwest has been profound and immeasurable.  Had she not moved here, but to, say, St. Louis or Phoenix, they would have been the lucky ones and many of us, here, would still be messed up!  I know that my life, both as a singer, teacher and person, would not be anything like it is today had she relocated somewhere else. This would have been the case for countless other singers/teachers in the Northwest, as well. 

A few years ago, following one of my lessons with Ellen, I had the great fortune to take soprano
Hei-Kyung Hong, (one of Ellen's stars at the Metropolitan Opera), to the airport, (she was flying back to New York).  On the way to PDX, Hei-Kung told me, over and over and OVER, how we, "out here," have no idea how lucky we are to have Ellen... and how much she is missed in New York.  With her passing, five years ago, we, too, are beginning to learn just how lucky we truly have been.



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